Why You’re Still Enough | From One Mama to Another

With so much pressure from social media and society on what the standards of beauty are, there’s no doubt that there’s a psychological impact that has on women. I also feel like there’s this immense amount of coerciveness to be a woman who does everything and anything, and it has to be like 100% perfect every time. Who knows though, maybe it’s just me and the circle of friends I happen to be around? Or maybe not? 

Regardless, I still think this needs to be said. 

You’re still enough, even if you don’t feel like you’re worthy. 

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Today, we’re choosing happiness. Today, we’re choosing to know and bask in our own glory. To know that we are enough, and we’re worthy, because we do enough. The job does not define us. The world does not define us. Society’s standards do not define us. And I’m saying us, because now I’m talking to both of us. We need to hear this. You need to hear this. I need to hear this. 

So what if you didn’t get the checklist of 100 items done today, you did one. And that’s a start. 

Speak life, beauty, and positive thoughts

Let us change the narrative of what we deem to be worthy. Let us speak life, beauty, and positive thoughts into the universe, because we define who we are –no one else. 

Who am I to tell you why you’re enough?

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