How You Know it’s Time to Update Your Branding Images or Headshots

Oh no! You just met with a potential client or contact in your network and they didn’t recognize you from your Linkedin profile picture. 

Okay, so I like to believe that’s unlikely to happen. However, in the rare chance it does happen. You and I both can agree it’s time to update your headshot, profile pictures, website images, and any other place (e.g.: all marketing materials) that show your outdated photos. 

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At this point, you may be thinking to yourself “Well Niesha, how in the world will I know it’s time to update my headshot or professional image?”

That’s what we’re here to talk about today. I’ve created a list of four tell-tale signs it’s time to update your professional image or headshots.

Updating your professional images

Your physical appearance has changed dramatically. 

And by dramatic I mean unrecognizable or hardly recognizable. Naturally, I have an afro. It has become quite the attention grabber and unintended brand statement within the past five years. Because of this reason, if I were to ever shave, dye, straighten or permanently change my hair in any way, it’d require new headshots or professional images. 

Do I think clients and prospects would still recognize me without it? Yes, however, because my audience is so familiar with my hair, such a significant change could potentially confuse my audience, especially without an update or notice. 

Your images are more than 3-5 years old 

Three to five years really doesn’t seem like that long ago, but for some it can make a big difference. Your physical appearance may not have changed much during this time, but what about your brand’s? Do you do things differently now? Did you switch physical headquarters locations? Did you expand into a new market? 

You’ve switched professions

Not too long ago, I had a client switch from the hospitality industry to the house-patility industry. She went from selling hotel rooms to helping buyers purchase homes. Her audience was quite familiar with her old images and outdated professional headshots as a hospitality manager. 

Because of this, she decided to book a professional branding session to update her headshot, website images, and professional portraits on all marketing channels. We shot her session in both my home studio and a local model home. These updated professional images now serve as her brand’s new “face” for real estate as opposed to hotels and hospitality. 

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Update your professional images because your brand(ing) has elevated. 

It’s quite possible your former headshots or professional images no longer present the look or feel your brand is now going for. I’ve had some clients come to me for updated headshots and professional branding images, simply because their clientele has changed. Even so, others have opted for a different style for their brand and want something that more accurately reflects the direction in which they are going towards in the future.



While there is no right or wrong timeline for when you should update your professional images or headshots, I hope the factors above can help provide you with more guidance. When you’re ready to book your Houston headshots, click here.

Still have questions or can’t seem to find what you're looking for on the blog or website? Shoot me an email with your name and questions you have. 

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