Houston Family Photos and What to Wear

If you’re searching for what to wear to your family photos in Houston, you’re in the right place! I’m always super excited when families decide to get family photos taken. Maybe it’s the photographer in me, but I genuinely feel like every family deserves to have them. So today on the blog I’ll be offering some styling tips on Houston family photos and what to wear.

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Primary Colors

First things first, start with primary colors like: red, blue, and yellow. It doesn’t have to be the 16 pack crayon color, different shades of them work too!

For example, deep shades of red are burgundy, wine, crimson, maroon, carmine. Reds are amazing for Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Holidays, and even if you’re dressing to match the couch. Plus, the color red also symbolizes energy and excitement!

On the other hand, shades of blue like cyan, navy, and midnight can help add elegance and sophistication to your photos.

There are only two shades of yellow I recommend for your Houston family photos –mustard and yellow. That’s it lol.


Now, neutrals make a great alternative to primary colors as your main color. You can either mix and match them with primary colors, or use them as your main color in your Houston family photos and what to wear.

I prefer neutrals as an accent color. It’s easier to figure out which neutral color will blend with the primary color than the other way around. For instance, if your main color is navy, you can easily bring in ivory or an off-white color. Why? Gray, brown, and black may appear to be too dark for family photos. The only exception to this is black as a neutral. You can pair a scarlet red with black easily.

Pairing navy with ivory adds contrast to your outfits, which affects your family photos. In addition, if you were to start with white, you’ll have a lot of colors to narrow down. If you have fair skin, the color white can color cast and blow your skin out. So I would use white sparingly.

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Secondary Colors

As far as green goes, it depends on the season. I would definitely steer away from greens during the summer, they can come off as highlighter green. Additionally, if you’ll be surrounded by lots of foliage or green grass during the spring, it tends to color cast. Some photographers may not be aware of this, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

On the other hand, during the fall, olive, sage, moss and seaweed are perfect! Especially when you pair the darker shades of green with neutral colors like ivory or brown.

How many colors are best for family photos?

I err on the side of 3 colors max. One main color and then 2 other colors as accents. That can mean 2 primary colors and one secondary color, 2 primary and one accent, or any other combination. You could even combine all three primary colors together without neutrals, my family’s done it! As long as you’re choosing colors that compliment each other you’ll be fine.

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Layers help add depth and dimension to your portraits.

It’s easy to add in accent colors when using layers. That could be sweaters, cardigans, scarves, blazers, tights…etc.

I will admit it’s harder to add in layers to your family photoshoot in Houston during the summer. Although you can always add a belt. On the contrary, layers work extremely well for family photos taken during the fall, winter, and even early spring.

This includes items with a little texture. Here are a few examples:

  • buttons,
  • ruffles,
  • embroidery (without logos)
  • flannel, or
  • items with ‘grit’.
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Dress comfortably for the season

I probably should have mentioned this first. When it comes to your Houston family photos and what to wear, it’s important that you dress comfortably for the season and weather.

Being comfortable is a huge thing for me and my clients. I want to be comfortable, but I want you to feel comfortable as well. I know sometimes it’s easier said than done. However, if you’re uncomfortable during your family session, it’ll show in your photographs. No matter how many prompts I give you.

Always, always, always dress for your body type

If you’re body conscious, shapewear and clothing that accentuates (or hides your insecurities) is best. I don’t believe in changing who you are and what you look like in Photoshop. Therefore, it’s important to wear clothing that will flatter your body type. This will help you feel comfortable during your photo session, and amazing when you look at your finished portraits. Additionally, this applies to all members of your family.

Summary: Houston Family Photos and What to Wear

In summary, choosing the right things to wear for your family photos isn’t always easy. While there’s no comprehensive guide that will cover every wardrobe and styling option out there, I hope I’ve given you some pointers on where to start.

I’m Niesha, a Houston family photographer who documents memories for real families like you. Whenever you’re ready to book, click here. Still have questions? Take a look around the blog and website! There’s a plethora of helpful information for you here.

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