Houston Headshots and Branding Photographer

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Houston Professional Headshots

A good headshot is one that will make you look your best. It’s a portrait of you that is flattering and attractive. A great headshot is one that tells the story of who you are and what you do. It’s a picture that captures the essence of who you are and shows your personality.

As a Houston Headshots photographer, I help brands, professionals, entrepreneurs get headshots that stand out from the crowd.

In the world of business, we all know and understand the importance of being someone clients and customers can know, like, and trust.

I love hearing from my clients how much they feel comfortable around me. This is the number one thing clients, young and old, tell me they love about working with me. Because of this, I know firsthand how the feeling of comfort translates into better photographs.

What professional headshot clients say

I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and quality Niesha displayed. She was amazing! I was immediately put at ease upon entering the Studio. It all started with a lovely makeup session, which was amazing. Niesha’s fun personality made me feel happy and beautiful. She truly captured my branding photo shoot vision. Thank you for an amazing experience!! ~Aleshia, Houston Realtor

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Headshots in Houston

Being an entrepreneur who has worked in both the private and public sectors, I understand the importance of a great first impression.

With authenticity at the core of my business, I believe that being genuine beats perfection. Put your best foot forward with professional and authentic headshots. Whether you need a headshot for your professional portfolio, website, or social media profiles, I’m here to help. See the post I wrote about 9 Ways to Use Your Headshot.

I want you to know you can be yourself with me during your headshots portrait session. This is why I take the time to get to know more about you, your needs, and client avatar. Because if I don’t know it, neither will your prospects.

Click here to read how to get the perfect headshots now.

Branding Photos for Houston Professionals

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Feel confident. Reveal yourself.

Tell your brand’s story.

Why Professionals Choose Me for Headshots

While you can find any photographer in Houston to do your headshots, it’s important to hire one who will work with you to get what your brand needs. Some factors to look for are: availability, level of service, communication, professionalism, and more. 

Clients choose me, because they trust me to get the best photos for them and their brand. They know I’m taking the time to learn more about their business goals and target audience. I ask questions about your business, shoot vision, and find out if we’re a great fit. We then create professional headshots that correspond with your brand and marketing. Following that, I use my experience and talent to frame you in the right way. 

Whatever you decide, it’s crucial that you choose a professional photographer who will help get the results you want. Don’t settle for just any photographer. Find one who can help you achieve your goals.

Comfortability and confidence in portraits are what I do best. 

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A Guide to Professional Headshots

Headshots are a great way to capture the best images of your business or yourself. Whether you want to showcase your talent in front of a camera or you want to look your best for a business meeting or interview, professional headshots can help you achieve these goals. The best way to get those photos is by booking a professional headshot photographer. In this post I’m providing tips on planning for professional headshots.

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Why plan for professional headshots? 

The best way to plan the best professional headshots photo session is to contact a professional photographer. A Houston headshot photographer like myself will be able to

For example, depending on your brand and specialty, an outdoor headshot may be better than a studio headshot session. 

If you’re wanting traditional studio headshots, we’ll discuss the  best colors for headshots. On the other hand, outdoor or on-location sessions can be a general area (like a high rise or tech building), and even your company headquarters. 

Selecting your professional headshot photographer

The next step is hire a professional photographer. To be frank, headshot photographers are a dime a dozen. You should do some research on the photographer you want to hire. Ask friends, family, and your professional network for recommendations. And since every photographer is different, it’s important to check their web site to see if they have any experience with your type of shoot. 

You can check out the photographer’s portfolio to see if he or she has done similar shoots before. You should also ask for references or check reviews. Make sure that the photographer you hire is someone you can trust to deliver and communicate effectively.

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Scheduling Your Headshots

You should have a specific day of the week or date and time in mind. Taking into account how soon you may need your headshots for marketing materials is incredibly important. I always recommend a backup date in case plans change. 

Outfits and Wardrobe 

The next thing you should do is to have a few outfits for the photographer to choose from. You can wear a plain t-shirt and jeans. Or you can wear a suit. Wear something that will represent your brand and that you feel comfortable in. When you’re uncomfortable, it shows. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always start with your profession, or industry standard, or uniform.

For example:

  • Nurses or others in the medical field wear scrubs.
  • Legal and financial service professionals typically wear suits.
  • Chefs, their uniforms.  

Whether you’re feeling out an online questionnaire or completing a discovery call, it helps to give your photographer an idea of what you’ll be wearing. Based on your wardrobe and background color preferences, I may offer wardrobe selections or a change in the background color. If it helps, you can also give me (or your photographer) a list of problem areas or colors you would like to avoid.

Outdoor Headshots in Houston

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Book Your Professional Headshots

Finally, selecting the right professional headshot photographer is no small task. These images will be the face of you and your brand for the next 1-3 years. 

When you’re ready to book your headshots in Houston, I’d love to be the one to help. Simply click the button below to get started now.

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Houston Headshots and Branding Photographer

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