About Niesha Fuentes

I’m Niesha (pronounced ny-ee-shuh), and I’d like to tell you a story about..

How photography saved my life.


It was built on love and courage after my stillborn son, Carmelo (Melo) passed away.

I was so afraid of losing them on my phone, that I rushed to print three copies of each one of his pictures.


niesha fuentes carmelo stillborn loss baby loss

I immediately framed them. And thank goodness I did! I can’t imagine how I would have survived without those printed photographs…without these photographs.

Every time I feel like those memories are fading with time, I look at his photos and feel comforted. I see how much light and joy photography provides.

That’s why I pour every ounce of myself into what I do to help clients. What a journey it has been to see my pain turned into a passion that serves every human being I’ve ever photographed.

I hope one day the photographs and stories we tell together, can mean just as much to you.

Do not cry or pity me, rejoice in knowing that I found happiness during grief.

Niesha Fuentes

✨Things that bring me joy

  • Family Time with my “rainbow” and “pot of gold” babies
  • My high school sweetheart, Pedro
  • Smiling with my eyes closed
  • Technology
  • Impulsive purchases
  • Crawfish and all things chicken related
  • Storytelling

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